“As a director I loved the material as it came, with individual books, along with the complete set inside a directors manual (excellent when needing to have to fill in for others and also having to make copies and the like so not to take the manual away from the station leaders)  The hard copies of everything AND the resource CD was SO helpful.  Overall, I really enjoyed using this curriculum and the kids enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thank you!”

Christina E.

“We used the whole kit, and it was very easy to follow. The games were a blast, the crafts were very detailed and left a lot of room for individual creativity and the snacks were a big hit (the kale chips I think were the food that had never been tasted by any of the kids and they all loved them!!!). My favorite part personally was the locker room and how the children were so excited to participate. The program couldn’t have been better, the curriculum was very easy to follow and my staff that presented the materials did an amazing job and engaged the children with excitement and enthusiasm. Thank you again, so looking forward to next summer and VBS – “GO TEAM CREATION”

Nancy M.

“Several years ago our church began to prayerfully look at our community to see how we could minister to them. One area that jumped out at us was America’s health crisis. 2500 people die every day of heart disease, 1500 from cancer, one person dies every 5 seconds from type-2 diabetes complication and two more are diagnosed. Complication associated with diabetes will soon pass tobacco as the leading cause of cancer. 1/3 third of our children are considered obese, 1/3 over weight, 1/3 is only normal weight. As we were praying about how to extend the healing ministry of Jesus to the people in our community we were introduced to the CREATION Health seminar. We chose this seminar because of it’s simplicity and that it focuses on the whole person… mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We began teaching the seminar to adults and yet our hearts went out to the children. How can we help them? Then CREATION Health VBS became available. We were so excited, we began teaching children while their parents were being taught. We are currently using it for our children’s church. We Praise God for CREATION Health that has provided us with the tools to bring the healing hand of Jesus to the men, women and children of our community. Will you respond to the call of God to bring the healing touch of Jesus to your community?”

Pr. Robert H.

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